Hospital & Pharmaceutical Supplies

doctor_400x267Hospital & Pharmaceutical supplies are desperately needed overseas to save lives.

Tropical countries need basic medical supplies in their hospitals and medical centers to help individuals overcome the regions diseases and accidents that occur in their environment.  Tropical medicines are needed as well as basic foundational medicines.


Your donations of hospital supplies and pharmaceutical donations are drastically needed in these poor facilities.

Mobility & Health for Africa will be donating supplies soon to the Dunka Diabetic Hospital as well as Dinguiraye Medical Center in Guinea West Africa.

Donka Diabetic Hospital, Conakry, Guinea


Today’s Ambulance in Dinguiraye Guinea!


The Villages in Dinguiraye Guinea use HAMMOCKS where they run and carry their urgent patients 8 miles to the Dinguiraye Medical Center.  (As depicted above)

Mobility & Health for Africa has provided a 2006 Volvo Cross Country – long chassis car and has convert it into an ambulance-transportation vehicle for the Dinguiraye Medical Center.

When we first purchased car for ambulance.

The Signarama Company in Norristown, PA has donated their artwork/expertise in converting this car showing an ambulance-transportation vehicle, as you see below.Mobility & Health for Africa Ambulance

The Sheriff of Norristown also donated the lights, siren and cb radio; we are giving this to The Dinguiraye Medical Center so they can save many lives with an AMBULANCE.

Women at the Norristown Rotary Club had fun looking at the ambulance after our presentation of our organization at the Rotary Club.

girls rotary 2

The woman waving is Robin Parker, the President of the Rotary Club of Norristown. The other women are club members who support the rotary club and are professionals in various businesses in local companies.

photo 3

We were posing with crutches and walkers to show you some of the supplies our organization is giving away to many people who are in desperate need in Africa.  We need your donations to help ship equipment to help the people in Africa now.